Thursday, May 30, 2013

And we're back...

College is out of the summer, my seniors have graduated, and the craziness that is my summer season of ministry begins! Unlike most youth ministries we maintain our "normal" weekly schedule add to that summer mission trip, water park trip, and our normal summer bbq fellowship times and you get one crazy schedule!

Why do we maintain our normal weekly schedule? A few reasons.

1: Commitments:
Our students are HYPER committed. Our school is so small that all of the students HAVE to participate in something or the school would not have any teams or clubs. That means during the school year, at any given time, I have at least some of my students committed to something other than youth group. During the summer, it's different. I lose one here or there to vacation. But my average attendance in the summer goes up.

2: Events:
Our biggest events happen in the summer. When you have a part time lead youth pastor, who works a 44+ hour week at his other job, takes full time college courses, and is married with two young kids, he tends not to schedule big stuff during the school year. Summer though is game on! Mission trips and fellowship times fill our weeks. We use our Midweek to help market and promote our events. Typically we even emphasis our events in our messages. During the lead up to our missions trip, guess what we talk about? Missions!

3: Momentum:
I see questions asked all the time about how do you maintain momentum from camp to the school year? I never lose it! We just keep rolling right along! That's not to say we don't have a year kick off to welcome in our incoming 7th graders or that we don't ever lose momentum. But we find it easier to maintain it by maintaining our schedule.

Until next time,

Just Keep Swimming!

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