Friday, May 31, 2013

Simply Youth Ministry and Group Rule!

Let's flash back a few years. Around four years ago I was a youth ministry newbie, one thing I was always told was to get a subscription to Group Magazine. So I asked our church to support me by getting me a subscription, mind you I was a volunteer lead youth pastor and our youth ministry budget was $300....for a year...for 7 students! Best investment my church ever made! Not only because the magazines are awesome, they are. But they sent me a freebie package that included some swag, stickers, etc and a DVD study. With our very low budget this study was a God send.

Flash forward to my current church. We decided to go with the LIVE curriculum for our small groups. Matty McCage went out of his way to help us out and make sure every thing we needed was taken care of. Then he was able to help me get the student rate for SYMC and took care of my questions.

Flash forward some more. I was in the first season of the competition and won third. There was a small hiccup in getting the prizes sent to me. Jake Rasmussen went out of his way to help me.

Flash forward again and it was Jake Rasmussen and the crew at Group Missions taking care of me again. After having an abnormally large group sign up for Big Day of Serving Nashville, I had a number cancel on me. Jake and crew were able to move those registrations to the fall date so we didn't lose that money.

Flash forward to present. I won a contest on Facebook and Stephanie Eis took care of me and was just all around awesome.

Folks we use Simply/Group for everything. I'm talking about small group curriculum, DVD studies, resources, Bibles, devotionals, background checks, one day mission trips, our summer week long mission trip, conferences, blog posts to read, pretty well everything! I have never been let down! Ever!

I want to send a personal thank you to Matty McCage, Stephanie Eis, Jen Rehnberg, Stephanie Lewis, and especially Jake Rasmussen. You guys are awesome at what you do! Thank you for serving us as we serve students, and you serve students as well.

People check them out at Group Magazine, Simply Youth Ministry, Simply Tools, Group Mission Trips, Shepherds Watch, and Simply Youth Ministry Conference! Tell them Kevin sent you, you won't get anything special, but they'll probably get a laugh out of it!

Until next time,

Just Keep Swimming!

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