Monday, March 25, 2013

Parents Ministry Resource Table

To expand on my post on "More than Dodgeball" I'll give my readers backstage access to my parents resource set up.

First up is my Parents Resource table. I keep it outside my office which is on one of the main thoroughfares in our church. I previously kept in in the church foyer, but the resources were never taken. I believe it's for want of anonymity when taking a resource, but for what ever reason they get taken better outside my office.

On the table we keep the entire "Parents Guide" series by MarkO and Simply. These are by far my best resources. The parents love them and I've had great follow up conversations with parents about them. We also have "99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers" by Walt Mueller. Speaking of Walt, we also have a ton of CPYU print outs.

On this table we also keep a display that shows our current sermon series for our High School and Middle School Worship services (we use the same theme in both just adjust the content) and also in our Small Groups.

Beside the display to the right are our current calendar, we usually put one out every 3 months, but they are out there two months ahead of time. Our current newsletter and a printed copy of each of our Small Groups parents letters. We send a copy home with each student but we also give our parents the option of getting a copy here since we know how often students give their parents take homes!

This is a great look at our physical resources. We also have a online parents only website that houses our ROPE from and our online content from them. Below are some close up pictures of our table.

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