Monday, July 30, 2012

Top Youth Ministry Apps

       What’s up guys and gals! For this post I wanted to talk tech. I wanted to list the top app’s that I have found to be beneficial to my youth ministry and/or myself as a youth minister. I will also give a brief description of why I like this app. These are in no particular order so don’t think I value one more than the other.

1: LIVE Curriculum App: by Simply Youth Ministry

This app single handedly has probably saved me hundreds of dollars in printer ink and paper. Before I purchased by iPad and downloaded this app, I had to print off a physical copy of my Sunday School lessons. This got costly real quick. And don’t worry if you’re in a Internet dead zone in your youth ministry area, this was a big concern of mine, the app loads your last couple of lessons. So when I get to church and have no Internet I still have access to my latest lesson. Simply Youth has once again done youth ministers a great service with this app. You must have a current online access account of the LIVE curriculum to use it.

2: Facebook: by Facebook

This one kind of goes without saying. I’m not saying all youth ministries need a social networking presence, and at my previous church my students never visited our Facebook page. However if you are in an area where your students are on Facebook, meet them where they are by having a youth ministry Facebook presence. The connection time I get with my students on Facebook cannot be replaced. It makes a difference when I see that a student and her boyfriend broke up and I can drop a message to her. Or that a student had a great basketball game the other day and I wasn’t able to attend. I can give them a shout out.

3: Meeting Attendance: by Corvus Technologies Inc.

This is great app and you can customize the look. I have it set up with our youth ministry logo. Not only can I log my students as they come in, but I can also set it up where the students log in as they enter the room. This app works great for me with a group size of around 20-30. It may not work as well for larger ministry settings, but for small groups you could have your leaders use the app, then use the feature to email you their roll. You could then transfer it to another program. Great app! Cost of application: $6.99.

4: SlideShark: by Brainshark Inc.

This is a great app! I post our youth ministry news up by slide show every Midweek and Youth Worship. This makes a Power Point presentation play on iPads. It also allows you to control the loop and time the slides stay on the screen from within the app. I can also set my iPad up as a small screen news feed on our information table for smaller events.

5: BlogPress: by CLT Studio

This is an outstanding app if you run a youth ministry blog or a blog of any sort for that matter. When I travel I usually only take my iPad with me, this allows me to post a blog from the road if I want. Great tool!

6: Groups App: by Qbix Inc.

This application is something I keep on my iPhone that has saved me money on a text messaging service. With this app I can text message
large groups including my students and their parents. I just have my students opt in for texts when they sign a visitors card, I plug in their number, and go to the app when I need to message the students in my ministry. Same with the parents when we have an event and I’m going to be sending out text updates, ie camp, concerts, etc, I have them fill out a written opt in form and message away! Great time and money saver.

7: Holy Bible App You Version: by

This is a spectacular app! Our senior pastor likes to switch between different translations, so it makes following along easy. Also this has
different bible reading plans and I have been checking out the Youth
devotionals, they are top notch. And not to mention they are Free! How can you beat putting the Word of God into your student’s digital lives for free? You can also download certain translations for use when you’re not near Internet.

8: Group Magazine HD: by Group Publishing

Not only do you get the great content of a normal Group Magazine at your fingertips but also digital only content such as videos and links to some of the articles and products. Not only that but you can save money by taking your Group subscription digital.

9: Youth Ministry Wire: by Group and Simply Youth.

All of your favorite youth ministry blogs latest posts at your fingertips? Yes Please! I love this app because it keeps me current with content from great bloggers such as Josh Griffin, Kurt Johnston, Stephanie Caro, and more. The only additions I would love to see on this app is the ability to add feeds to it, that way you can get your at your finger tips if you choose! ;)

10: Crossings Ministry app: by Crossings Ministry
Crossings has once again put a great product out there! Not only are they the only camp destination for me as long as I am in Kentucky or the surrounding area, but their app puts great content right at your hands. You can see highlight videos, pictures, read bios of the staff, you can access blog posts from a great youth minister from Kentucky in Troy Temple, and you can stay current on the happenings of the Crossings Center for Youth Ministry. What a great app! Awesome content and great organization.

11: ?
What's you top youth ministry app? Shoot me an email at and send me your picks! I'm putting together a reader top list that I will post on here. Make sure to include your name and church if you would like, that way I can credit you for that pick. Until next time, God Bless and Just Keep Swimming!


  1. great idea... are these iphone or android or both? I notice some of these are US biased... would be good for others to post things relevant to where they are in the world too :)

  2. Great list I would add The Youth Culture Report FREE news app, it is updated daily.
    Mike Liebler

  3. Thanks! I use Apple platforms, iPad and iPhone. I know that the most are available on both though. I use iOS mainly because with the Slideshark app I can use my iPad for the projector and my iPhone to control the slide progression. This feature is available by bluetooth. I would love to have some international flavor on the apps! It would be awesome to see how youth pastors are using technology!

  4. The Youth Culture report is a great app! I checked it out after the post and love it! Great content!

  5. Thanks for introducing us with top ministry apps. Ministry apps is playing a big role for communication.

  6. I am really want to give you many many thanks for sharing and introducing with these ministry apps.