Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More than Behavior Modification

So today I'm sitting down to write my sermon for the week for youth group. I'm doing a series based on Josh Griffin's "Instalife" series on Download Youth Ministry. I sat down to write my sermon on jealousy and like any good Baptist preacher my outline is the ole "Hook, Book, Look, and Took" method. I reach the 'took' portion and ground to a halt. Why?

I have this notion that youth ministry to more than behavior modification. As youth ministers we are responsible for leading our students to a knowledge of Jesus and God's grace, but it seems like almost every lesson we make involves a 'this week find a way to.." application at the end. While every one of my messages make a 'bee line' to Jesus as Charles Spurgeon would say, it always seems like the 'application' comes across as wanting to change the behavior of the student. So what is the answer?

I believe that a 'behavior modification' type of application does have it's place in youth ministry lessons, otherwise how would sinners know they are sinners if they are not told what sin is, I do believe that every sermon should end in Jesus. Make sure each student knows that despite our best efforts we will still mess up, that our only hope is in Jesus Christ. He is the only one that will not let us down. Until next time! Just Keep Swimming!

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