Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: 180 Fundraising

I've been doing youth ministry for awhile now. There is one thing that has been almost inescapable for me. Fundraising. I've worked with many different fundraising companies; Peel2Save, Finish Line Car Wash, World's Finest, and many others. I have never ran into a group who is as dishonest and out to rip off a church organization as I have found in 180 Fundraising and their Spirit Card fundraiser.

A little background. I have typically used Peel2Save for our fundraiser cards, reason being; that the cards you do not sell you can send back in. But I was contacted by 180 and liked the fact that the cards would have our logo and schedule on them. Our youth committee even liked the idea because with Peel2Save it is a one use coupon, with the Spirit Cards they are a reusable coupon. 

So I contacted them about the cards. We agreed on 200 Cards with 100 Free (under a promotion they were running at the time). I was then told I had to sign a contract to hold our spot and then I would be contacted by the financial side at a time I would decide. I picked two weeks later as it would give me enough time to get the financial info they needed. So thinking every thing was on the up and up I signed the contact, with out reading it. My mistake. 

The contract that they submitted to me did not what so ever, match up with the verbal agreement I had with the seller. It was for 300 Cards with 100 Free. So there is a automatic $2000 difference in what I agreed to. I find this out today and try to cancel the fundraiser. I'm then informed that I cannot do that without paying 1/2 of what we would owe them at the end of the fundraiser, some $3000. Of course their reasoning was it was my fault that I did not read the contract. They are correct it was my fault for not reading the contract but it was also their fault for not making the contract out to be for our verbal agreement, and also my misleading me into thinking this was just to hold a spot not the be all end all contract. I was finally able after having a very heated argument with the sales rep to get them to issue a new contract for the original amount, only after I was made to feel like a fool by their customer service department.

If you are a youth minister and you are looking to do the best fundraiser card that you can do, avoid this group at all costs. Use Peel2Save and get your cards through them. They are honest and work hard with church folks to pull off the best fundraiser possible.


  1. So you went with them anyway? How did it go? Is this a legit business? They just contacted me and I didn't give them my credit card because I wanted to review them first. How did the selling go of these powercards go? Were your powercards $20 each and you got to keep 50% of the profits? Would love a follow up post, I realize this is a year and a half old, but would love to hear more.

  2. Hey Cheyenne! I didn't have a choice but to use them. They held me to our agreement. As far as how it went, I haven't done the fundraiser yet. We are scheduled to do it in August. I am selling the $10 cards. As far as if they are legit. I would avoid them. Their customer support is terrible. They get you signed up and then provide no support what so ever.

    If you are looking for a great fundraising company check out, I have used them before and they are great. They allow you to send back what ever cards you don't sell and you make 50% of the cards sold as well.

    If your willing to do the leg work Download Youth Ministry has a Do-it-yourself kit. You find the businesses etc. We are planning on doing that during the 2016 fundraising season. It gives us ideas on printing companies and is really worth it since overhead is cheap you make WAY more from each card.

  3. They did the same thing to me. Their verbal contract was different then the one I "signed". The problem is, I don't remember seeing any of the contract but the last paragraph underneath the line.

    Then they made me feel crazy when they told me about the 50% fee.

    I am new to this church and I told them I would need the board's approval. They said not to worry and that they just needed my signature to get the cards started, and that I could opt out at any time if the board didn't approve.

    Now I'm stuck.