Friday, March 1, 2013

Teaching the Bible to Teenagers Pt 2

Sessions 3 and 4 with Duffy touched on Creatively Teaching the Bible to students. Some of my take away from that session:

3 Obstacles that prevent the stickiness of a lesson:
1: Selective Attention
-they chose not to hear us, due to the other things in life that are fighting them for attention.
-You can break through this by knowing your audience.

2: Miscomprehension
-They heard what we said but didn't understand it.
-Its not about what we say but what they heard.

3: Selective Forgetting
-like the name implies they just forgot what we said.

1: Creativity is taking something old and making it new.
2: Creativity is thinking in a completely new way.
-Lateral vs Vertical thinking
a: Vertical thinking is thinking in logical, predictable steps.
b: Lateral thinking tries to move us away from where we've always been to where we need to go.
c: Both thinking types complement each other, they should not compete.

Basic Rule: You do not have to be creative to be creative, you just need to learn how to copy right.

3 Keys to copying right:
1: You need to find a good resource to copy
-don't copy bad ideas
2: You need to make sure to copy well
-Take into account the:
-personality of your group
-size of your group
-level of commitment
-ambiance of the setting
-execution of the idea
3: Brainstorm

4 Basic learning styles:
1: Imaginative learner:
-likes to experience things. Feelings are very important.
-likes to share ideas, likes to talk.
-thrives in small groups.
-place and ambiance is very important

2: Analytical learner:
-facts based, wants to know what the experts say.
-loves to take notes and make models.
-usually will leave during small groups.
-likes watching and listening.

3: Common sense learner:
-Very practical
-how does it work
-are the ideas logical and do they make sense.
-How does it apply to my life?

4: Dynamic learner:
-Wants to do something
-Risk taker, try's things out
-Pushy and impulsive
-"Ready, Fire, Aim" mentality

3 things to remember:
1: Everyone is different when it comes to learning.
2: Fight the urge to program in the style in which we learn, and not how the students learn.
3: If we want to maximize the students experience, we need to utilize all four teaching styles.

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