Saturday, March 2, 2013

SYMC 25 lessons from 25 years in Youth Ministry

Kurt Johnston is one of my favorite speakers. One, I feel more connected with Middle School Ministry so we share the same passion in our soul and two, I feel like I would be a lot like Kurt had I been born in Cali. Enjoy the coffee Kurt!

So here are the 25 lessons, as always check back after the conference for more detailed notes.

1: Every church has "unwritten rules".
2: It's a Chips game.
-all about earning and losing trust.
3: Attach myself to someone who is a few steps ahead.
4: The grass is always greener where I water it.
5: Eventually the squeaky wheel get's replaced.
6: Most of my relationships are situational
-if the situation changes the relationship changes or ceases to exhist.
7: The Power of Nice (or don't be a tool)
8: Leave the wanting more
-shorter messages, shorter stories, don't overplay a game.
9: My kids didn't pick this way of life.
-way more on this coming, I'm actually doing a personal post on this.
10: Balance is a myth!
-we need to redefine balance.
-when Kurt talked about this the image I had was of a plate spinner.
11: Leadership is liquid
12: The comparison game is a killer.
13: It all starts with fun.
14: It's about them (teens) not me.
15: Some times the SR Pastor NOT thinking about me is a good idea.
-if your Pastor wakes up a 2 AM and your the first thing on their mind, your in trouble.
16: Strategize, Baby!
17: It's about people, not programs.
18: Don't let my supervisor be surprised.
19: My primary role: Equip, Empower, and Encourage my team.
20: Numbers matter (to someone).
21: Parents matter....a lot!
22: Neglect my weaknesses!
23: I CAN fake it.
24: The pendulum always swings back.
25: There will always be someone unhappy with me.

Just Keep Swimming!

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