Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Crossings CAMP40 Jonathan Creek, KY

Wow I have never been so excited to write about an event as I am about this one. We just got back from our church camp/weekend retreat and it was amazing. A little background first. My "other" job prevented me from doing a week long church camp this year. So I was looking to see what my options were. I was thinking of just doing a DNow event and calling it good but I stumbled upon something that was available at our local Baptist Church Camp at Jonathan Creek, KY. It's ran by Crossings Ministry and they offer something called Camp40.

Camp40 is an entire week of camp rolled into 40 hours. I know what your thinking, thats impossible. That's what I thought until I went. Camp40 lived up to the billing. It was a weeks worth of bible study, worship, activities, and relationship building rolled up into one weekend. I left exhausted, like any church camp, but feeling like I just jammed in a years worth of youth ministry into one weekend. The Crossings staff was unbelievable! They knew my name before I even got off the church bus, they had called ahead and spoken two my wife and had my favorite drink and snack waiting on me, and when something came up and I missed the leaders meeting; they were awesome and helped me get caught up on what I missed.

I also cannot say enough about the interns and bible study leaders that they had brought on for the summer. My students instantly connected to them and were having great conversations with them. Not only that but they also played in the worship band, lead worship, donned costumes and became zany characters for the celebrations and announcements, and ran the late night snack hut. These young men and women have a servants heart and it showed.

The camp has awesome activities for the students to do, not only in Camp40 but also their weeklong camps. They have The Blob, Ziplines (water and land), water obstacles, Bazooka Ball, Water Tubing, the normal sports activities (basketball, soccer, etc), and awesome indoor activities (crafts, cake decorating, evangelism and missions class, etc)

My experience at Crossings has cemented it as our yearly church camp location. It was an unbelievable experience and if you are looking for a church camp location, you cannot beat Crossings. They not only have the JCreek location in Western Kentucky but also have a location in Baghdad Kentucky out East.

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