Sunday, March 4, 2012

Youth Pastor Stories

   This week was Simply Youth Ministry Conference. Unfortunately I was not able to physically attend, downside of being a tent making youth pastor. My other job would not let me off but I did catch a little bit of it online. What I was able to catch was awesome. Gonna have to make sure I get off next year for Indy.
   We also started a revival at our church this week and something that the evangelist said made me think. He was relating a story of a youth pastor that was in his church that had messed up. Why is it every time I hear a story of a youth pastor it's a bad story? I know they are the juiciest but come on people does no one have a story where the youth pastor is just a great man of God, leads a godly life, is completely faithful to his wife?
   I think it's about time that we talk about some. When I was in youth group we had three outstanding youth pastors. Two were near and dear to me. My parents were youth ministry volunteers. I call them youth ministers because they did a outstanding job discipling and counseling. Our senior pastor was our "youth pastor" as well and led the program. I think Rev Roger Peadro missed his calling as a youth minister. He was a great senior pastor but he also had a heart for youth. He and his wife, Annette, were great examples of Christian adults for us to look up to. It was an awesome time to be in that churches youth ministry and was the launching pad for my ministry.
   If you have a great youth pastor story I would love to hear it, send it to, but more importantly let the youth minister know and let the world know that not all youth pastor stories are bad.

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