Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top 10 Reasons You Know Your A Youth Minister

     For this week I figured I would do a top ten list this week. Actually came up with a lot of these after reading a few tweets by Josh Griffin a few weeks back. I'll put JG behind the ideas he had. the rest are 100% mine.

Top Ten Way's You Know Your A Youth Minister

10: You find ping pong balls and hacky sacks in your pockets and have no idea how they got there.

9: You have in your favorites.

8: Your Twitter timeline looks like this; Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, Matt McGill, Josh Griffin, SimplyInsider, Josh Griffin, SYM Soul Care, Josh Gr....

7: You have nightmares about 7th Graders with dodgeballs.

6: You use words like SYMC, NYWC, YS, SYM, etc. and no one has a clue what your talking about.

5: You make at least one purchase a year that causes the cashier to say " What do you need all of THIS for?!?" (JG)

4: You attempt to justify the purchase of 25 Nerf Guns as a tax write off.

3: At least once you have to justify to the treasurer why that trip with that "one kid" for pizza was nessecary.

2: You've heard at least once "Aren't you too old to be hanging out with teenagers?"

1: You have no idea why when you tell someone what you do. They pat you on the back and say "I'm sorry".

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