Monday, August 17, 2015

Campus Life

Wow it's been awhile since I have written a new blog post! It seems like I've been starting to many blog posts with that. My excuse is, I just haven't been as inspired to write that much recently.

But today, as we are getting back into the normal routine of school and campus ministry something really stood out to me. Our schools are not the enemy! I think to often we hear the phrases of "We need to allow God back into schools" or "Only if our students could take their Bible to school". I want to share a secret with all of you in reader land, they can!

Students are protected under the Bill of Rights with the ability to exercise their faith at their school, with in reason. They can bring their Bibles, read their Bibles, share their faith, and pray at schools! Now that being said, they should exercise good judgement and do it within reason. So if little Billy gets detention because in the middle of Math class he busts out in a out-loud prayer. Then yeah, he got detention, not for praying, but for being a disruption.

I also cringe every time I hear "We should let God back into schools" or "We should put God back into schools." Peeps, #1 you can't put God anywhere. God is all powerful, humans don't tell God where to be and where not to be. Because of His all powerful nature, I'm pretty sure God is still in schools! He is everywhere! Just because we take the 10 Commandments off the wall doesn't mean God goes, "Well they took down the rules. Time for me to leave!" We serve a God that is on the loose man! He cannot be put in a box! He cannot be contained! He cannot be told what to do!

As a youth pastor, I work closely on campus at a variety of different schools. In my church alone we have 2 High Schools, 4 Middle Schools, Home School, and a Private Christian School. I know the heart of the staff, these staff care for the students spiritually as much as academically. Now are there some who are not Christians and some that may even be 'anti-Christian' but here's the deal, those are the ones you hear about because they make the most noise. You don't hear about the teachers who, everyday, walk the halls praying for their students. The ones who pray for their class by name every day. Those who volunteer their time to sponsor clubs like Fellowship of Christian Athletes after or before school.

Some might say, well I think pastors and youth pastors should be able to go onto campus and share the Gospel. We can! With in reason. I cannot stroll into the lunch room, pick up a Bible, and start preaching. Nor should I be able to. If I could do that then every religion would be able to do the same thing. Last year alone I was able to share the Gospel with one high school's football team, another high school's football team and basketball team, and students from one middle school every week as the huddle leader of their FCA. I thank God for every opportunity to share the Gospel with these teens but I also thank Him that not every looney toon on the planet can share with them at any time.

So as this school year kicks off, pray for the students. Don't stop there though. Pray for the staff and teachers, pray for the coaches, and pray for those Christian club sponsors. Pray that our students will awaken to the fact that they can express their faith on their campus and share it. Pass the word to your kids and grandkids that they can do these things; and who knows, maybe they will.

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