Sunday, November 23, 2014

NYWC Day 3 Recap

Big Room 4:
by Tullian Tchividjian

This big room session was great! In addition to learning that it is pronounced (Tull-ian, like mull) not (Too-lian). Tullian is know for emphasizing one thing beyond anything else, God's Grace. His message hit home so well. He said we tie our self worth into how we perform. Especially as youth workers. We tie our worth into what we accomplish, and when we fail we think was are not worth anything. We have traded the cross into a to do list. We forget everything has been accomplished for us, it is finished not just do it. Awesome reminder.

Family Rooms:

One awesome feature of NYWC were the family rooms. In the family rooms you form small groups with other youth ministers. We prayed for each other, talked about our specific settings, and to work through the themes that NYWC has. Awesome time!

Practical Tips to Improve your Speaking Chops
by Doug Fields

Doug asked us blogger types to please not blog about the contents of the workshop for two reasons, one: it is a new workshop and needs to have the kinks worked out & two: that he wants to eventually release this workshop online free so that everyone can benefit. I am going to honor that but I will say if you have a chance to take this workshop, do it! It really opened my eyes to the art of message delivery. I have always just kind of got up and spoke and not really thought about it. Doug pointed out some really practical tips and great points to think about as I deliver youth talks.


I don't want to name specifics on this workshop but I did not stay in it. One thing I noticed is this, when one is planning a workshop practical application is great. Don't take the entire first half of a workshop to set up your point. Youth workers are in these workshops to get practical application. If your application is very specific, help out the youth workers by giving them the basic principles behind your thesis don't assume they are going to figure out what those principles are.

YS Ideas Lab: Small Church Youth Ministry:
by Stephanie Caro

Mama Caro! This idea lab, which for those unfamiliar is a short interview on a small stage, was all about Small Church Youth Ministry. Stephanie knocked it out of the park as usual. If you are in a small church you owe it to yourself to take a workshop or listen to her talk about small church youth ministry. The one point that stuck out to me is one that I live by. Just because you are in a small church does not mean you can not do the same things as larger churches; it may look different but the principles are the same.

Big Room 5:
by Kara Powell

Kara is an awesome speaker. Her message revolved around how when we say yes to certain things we are saying no to others. When we say yes to something we are inevitably say no to something else. It was a great reminder to keep my priorities straight. Great talk!

Wrap up:
NYWC was an awesome conference. I will certainly be going back next year as they will be in my backyard, Louisville KY! Between the friendly atmosphere, the connections and community made in the Family Rooms, the great speakers, the massive exhibit hall, the freebies, the chance to talk to national speakers, the informative worships, and awesome time to unwind; it was a great weekend! Until next time my friends! Just keep swimming!

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