Saturday, September 6, 2014

Youth Ministry Apps

            Last week a new app hit the youth ministry world. If you haven’t checked it out it’s called Youth Ministry Tracker. It is a self-contained youth ministry database for iPhone (because we all know what the superior operating system is). If not only keeps track of your students; it tracks attendance, gives you real time attendance stats, allows you to set up groups and text said groups, and it makes it easy to get new students info (you just bring up the new student function and hand them the phone). It works great of small to medium size youth groups. Mega churches though could find the app helpful for small groups.
            I write that not as an advertisement for the app, although I have enjoyed using it. It got me to thinking, what does the future of youth ministry apps hold? So I did some dreaming of apps that I would like to see made that would help me out tremendously.

A Youth Ministry Form App:
            I would love to see an app that is preloaded with all sorts of useful forms for youth ministry. When you buy the app it asks what the church/youth groups name is, what the youth ministers name is, and maybe asks you to load a group logo (optional). The app would then fill in areas on the forms with your logo, enabling you to have a customized release form that the parent just signs on your iPad or tablet. You could have a customized small group covenant. A custom volunteer application form. The possibilities are endless. The app would also save your forms as .pdf files in your Dropbox account.

Volunteer Management App:
            I would love to see an app that would help you manage your volunteers. It would keep their info in database form, allow you to know what their specific skills are, who the students that are in their small group are. It would also allow you to start a background check from the app and track it’s progress. The app would also allow you to email all of your volunteers from with in the app and send them training articles and videos. It would also get information in your hands such as volunteer’s birthdays and anniversaries, and would send you a notification of these.

Youth Ministry Devotional App:
            I would love to have an app that students could download for free. The youth ministry would pay a fee for a subscription for a certain number of users. The students would enter a subscription serial number provided by the youth pastor and it would grant them access to selected devotionals chosen by the youth pastor. I would love to see devotionals like the Simply Truth Bible, One-Minute Bible, and On Track’s Devotions on here. It would give students access to their devotionals on the go on their phone.

Just some of the ideas floating around in my head. Until next time! Just keep swimming!

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