Sunday, February 10, 2013 Update

Just to keep everyone up to date on my weight loss as SYMC draws near and the competition winds down. As of this evening I am still in 3rd in the competition. 2 lbs out of second and 4 1/2 lbs ahead of 4th. So the competition is close!

But the most important thing, I'm down 36 lbs! I have a ton more energy and can get around a lot better. I even had to go buy new jeans today because my jeans that I was able to start wearing from a few years ago....yeah they don't even fit anymore! I'm the smallest I've been since starting in youth ministry and I'm loving it! If you are an over weight youth pastor and are just tired of it, your not alone! There are others out there who are more than welcome to see this journey through with you and help you along the way! If you want to find some, send me an email to and I will put you in contact with some.

I hope that Josh Griffin finds a way to continue something like the comeptition, if it be an ongoing competition or just a support group on Facebook. We all need some encouragement. Till next time folks!

Just Keep Swimming!

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