Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top Reasons I'm excited for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.

Earlier I read a blog post on the writers top reasons for being excited about Simply Youth Ministry Conference 2013 coming up March 1-4. I figured I would add my two cents in as well.

This is my first year going to SYMC and I'm pumped! I've attended smaller youth ministry conferences and training and had a blast there. So I can't imagine how much fun something Simply Youth Ministry puts on is going to be. I mean come on John Acuff, Lecrae, and All Sons and Daughters? Folks it doesn't get better! So here we go with a top 5!

1: Different kind of worship!
Anytime I go out of town I look for something different then our church. While our churches are all awesome, I think we can get stuck in a worship rut. So I'll find a church that only has a piano and OLD style hymns or has a praise and worship band only. It's good to break out of the mold sometimes.

2: Ideas, ideas, ideas!
While I love to consider myself a very creative youth pastor, a lot of my ideas are ones someone else thought of and I put a Pastor Kev spin on. So it's great to get surrounded by other youth pastors and hear what's working for them.

3: Connections.
It's like summer camp for adults. The friendships made there last a lifetime. So it'll be great to get in a Connect Group (look for me in the Jr High/High School combined group!) and talk to other pastors that are going through the same things you are. You cannot do ministry alone!

4: Unwind
As a youth pastor I feel like I always have to be 'on' at church. I can't have a bad day, or be sick, or just be a 'little off'. To many people depend on me, look to me for leadership, and need me to help them. Sound familiar? I think this is something we all feel and go through. So it's good to get away and just be Kevin and not have to be Pastor Kevin.

5: Get closer to God
How can you get closer to God with thousands of other youth ministers around? Isn't that like letting the inmates run the asylum? Knowing youth pastors...quite possibly!
But I plan on sneaking in some time with just me and my Bible and my prayers. No curriculum, no sermons to write, no one to counsel, no events to plan, and NO DISTRACTIONS! Just me and the Creator of the world!

I hope to see you there! If you see me, stop me and say hi. Hopefully you won't mind the country accent and since I'm from Kentucky I may sneak a hon into the conversation. I hope that you and I both can get "Stronger" at SYMC!

Just Keep Swimming!

PS: Number 6 would be to show off my YouthPastorDiet.com body and show you what a top 3 finish looks like! Joking...but seriously.

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